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The Way to a Sustainable, Healthy and Peaceful Civilization

Srečko Šorli, Dr.Dušan Klinar, Nataša Kern
Scientific Research Centre BISTRA, Ptuj, Slovenia

Recent scientific theories offer a holistic vision in which society and human beings are a consistent part of evolution of the universe, of global cosmic dynamics. All over the universe, life has tendency to develop into intelligent and conscious organisms such as we, humans. Consciousness is seen as a cosmic phenomenon that acts actively in the evolution of life and human being. It manifests into humans as awareness of how mind creates our material circumstances of life. Becoming conscious of how the human mind functions will give us the possibility to choose projects and take decisions that will sustain us into the future.
Integral ecology researches the relations between “mind pollution” and “environment pollution”. It makes it possible to “consciously” make right decisions regarding our future development in line with the tenet: “Any profit that increases pollution is in reality a loss.”
In our region we face certain negative attitudes of “ecologically oriented” individuals or groups who regard “ecological energy resources”, such as cogeneration power plants, biogas utilization from renewable resources, biomass and alternative fuels gasification, alternative fuels from waste etc. or indeed any production of ecological energy as “damaging to nature”; these people are not aware that a production of energy is necessary for further development of human society in material as well as spiritual way. The aim of Integral Ecology is to bring right understanding of human society as a part of global cosmic dynamics which needs to produce energy in such a way as to maintain the health of nature, animals, and humans.
The Scientific Research Centre BISTRA is working on harmonizing public opinion with regard to the necessity of utilizing ecological energy resources through our web site, articles in journals, lectures on “Integral Ecology and Sustainable Development” in schools, universities, and conferences. We are aware that awakening consciousness on a global scale is an indispensable element of sustainable development. We promote new a “conscious lifestyle” that combines “ecology-health-energy-peace”. Integral Ecology is an “Awareness Campaign” for a life in harmony with nature and in peace with people of other nations, religions and cultures.

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